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Clinical Reformer Pilates Perth CBDPhysiotherapy Clinical Pilates exercises are designed to stretch tight muscles, increase joint range of motion and develop strength in the postural muscles of the body including the mid back, lower back, inner abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. 

Bodysmart Pilates classes are run by qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, providing a safe environment for exercising and strengthening. Our Physiotherapists will tailor rehabilitation and strengthening exercises to best suit your needs.

Call us on (08) 9481 8708 for more information or enrolment details.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Pilates aims to balance the use of the large powerful muscles with the deep, small core muscles. Pilates benefits come from engaging the deep core muscles to help stablise the body, raising awareness of body position and deep breathing techniques to correct body alignment problems.

Clinical Pilates Classes Perth CBDSome general benefits of Physiotherapist Clinical Pilates include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Improved posture and flexibility
  • Correction of poor mechanics that underlie injuries
  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles
  • Improved core stabilisation and strength
  • Better control of breathing
  • Decreased likelihood of injury / reinjury
  • Improved overall body tone
  • Improved balance and co-ordination
  • Clinical Pilates is a safe injury management strategy


Who is Clinical Pilates suitable for?

Clinical Pilates can be adapted to suit individual needs through varying the speed, intensity, resistance and range, so can benefit people of all ages and levels of fitness. 

Pilates can assist with the following issues:

  • Poor RANGE of motion
  • Poor POSTURE
  • Reduced STRENGTH
  • Musculoskeletal PAIN including lower, mid and upper back pain

As strengthening the core muscles is so important to the stability of the body, Pilates is an excellent exercise which can be used for general health and wellbeing. For this reason, Pilates is now becoming a favoured strengthening exercise amongst athletes and performers to enhance sports performance.

Reformer Pilates Perth CBDClinical Reformer Pilates sessions in Perth

Bodysmart is now offering Physiotherapy Reformer Pilates in semi-private sessions of 1:3 and individual 1:1 sessions. Clinical Reformer Pilates conditions your whole body. It focuses on improving posture, core stability, balance, flexibility, mobility and strength through the introduction of the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze / Cadillac Reformer, Spine Corrector and Wunda Chair equipment.

All Reformer Pilates sessions are individually customised to help you achieve your goals faster.

Read more about Clinical Reformer Pilates, or contact our clinic on (08) 9481 8708.


Clinical Mat Pilates classes in PerthClinical Mat Pilates Perth CBD

Bodysmart currently runs Physiotherapy Mat Pilates in groups of 1:10 and individual 1:1 Pilates Sessions. Our Clinical Mat Pilates Courses are limited to groups of 10 people to ensure that you receive the attention you require.

Bodysmart currently runs General, Advanced and Pregnancy Pilates Classes.

Read more about Clinical Mat Pilates, or contact our clinic on (08) 9481 8708.  

Private Health Insurance Rebates for Physiotherapy Pilates

As Clinical Physiotherapy Pilates classes are run by qualified Physiotherapists, you may be able to claim a private health insurance rebate under your Physiotherapy Cover (Initial 1:1 - code 500, Review 1:1 - code 505, Extended 1:1 - code 506, Group Consult - code 560). To find out more about this please contact your Private Health Insurance company.


We are currently growing and adding more classes on a regular basis. Please contact Bodysmart reception reception@bodysmart.com.au for call (08) 9481 8708 for the latest time table.

Clinical Pilates/Clinical Functional Movement Sessions

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:00           Reformer 1:3         Functional Strength 1:3  Reformer 1:3
7:40 Reformer 1:3   
  Reformer 1:3 
11:45 Functional Strength 1:3
12:00 Reformer 1:3  

12:00 Reformer 1:3 
 Reformer 1:3 
12:40 Reformer 1:3 Reformer 1:3  
12:40   Reformer 1:3  


Reformer 1:3 

Reformer 1:3   
Functional Strength 1:3 

Reformer 1:3    
13:40     Reformer 1:3    
16:30   Reformer 1:3 Functional Strength 1:3 

16:40 Reformer 1:3 
  Reformer 1:3   
Functional Strength 1:3 

17:20 Reformer 1:3  Reformer 1:3    Reformer 1:3   
Functional Strength 1:3 

18:00   Reformer 1:3   Reformer 1:3 
  Reformer 1:3 

Physio Group Exercise Classes

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
           Functional Strength Circuit 1:12
  Stretch & Roll  1:10

General Mat Pilates 1:10   Advanced Mat Pilates 1:10
11:50   Group Reformer 1:5

Functional Strength Circuit 1:12 
12:30 Functional Strength Circuit 1:12  
  Advanced Mat Pilates 1:10         
Functional Strength Circuit 1:12  

Group Reformer Pilates 1:5 
17:15   General Mat Pilates 1:10   General Mat Pilates 1:10   

Please contact Bodysmart reception reception@bodysmart.com.au for upcoming course commencement dates and availability.


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