Corporate Ergonomic Assessments

It is the legal responsibility of the employer to provide workers with a safe workplace environment. Bodysmart has devised a comprehensive ergonomics package, "Ergosmart". This package will be customised to your organisation's staffing requirements & budget.

Our Ergonomic Services Include:

- Ergonomic Assessments  
- Interactive Ergonomic Workshops / Ergonomic Seminars 
- Refurbishment Consultation
- Ergonomic Reviews
- Ergonomic Equipment Re-Adjustment

To organise a quote for your workplace ergonomic assessment contact Bodysmart on (08) 9481 8708

Bodysmart Key Differences...

- Qualified Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists perform assessments (we have conducted over 10,000 ergonomic assessments in Perth in the last 8 years !)    
- Strong education component, improving outcomes 
- Custom designed handouts

- Simple, practical and cost-effective recommendations
- Ability to source, prescribe & adjust quality equipment customised to the individual


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