Neural Tension Exercises

Upper Limb Neural Tension Exercises

Nerve irritation plays a large part of many conditions and can often be left undiagnosed. To ensure the correct diagnosis of your present condition your Bodysmart Physiotherapist is well equipped to perform a skilled assessment to help find the underlying cause. Treatment is then aimed at restoring normal function and reducing symptoms.

Neural Tension Exercises

The following exercises help to promote normal movement of the nerve through its course and can help to restore normal function. Once a correct diagnosis is made your Bodysmart Physiotherapist will guide you with exercises.

These exercises can be performing lying down, sitting or standing.  (Note:  Exercises should be performed in a pain free manner).

If you have any questions about this, or any other musculoskeletal condition, please feel free to ask a Bodysmart Physiotherapist.

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Median Nerve - Neural Tension Exercise

Ulna Nerve - Neural Tension Exercise

Radial Nerve - Neural Tension Exercise

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