What to Expect

Chiropractor Perth  - What to expect on your First and Subsequent visits

On your Inital Chiropractic visit our Chiropractor will conduct a thorough investigation chiropractic assessment which will involve:

  • Detailed questioning of your medical history
  • Analysis of your symptoms
  • Examination of your posture 
  • Assessment of range of motion and muscle strength
  • Examination of Neurological and Orthopaedic signs
  • May include referral for XRAYs (we do not conduct XRAYs onsite) 
  • Give you a diagnosis and establish a treatment plan
  • Treatment will commence if your Chiropractor feels it is safe

On your subsequent Chiropractic Visit our Chiropractor will:

  • Review any XRAYs that have been requested and educate you on the findings
  • Re-assess your key symptoms, posture, range of motion and strength
  • Perform more treatment specific to assessment findings and your goals

chiropractic treatment perthChiropractic treatment & Chiropractic adjustment

Our chiropractor will tailor a chiropractic treatment plan for you based on your specific condition and goals. Our chiropractor will choose appropriate techniques based on your problem areas / diagnosis and ensure that you are comfortable with these.

Manual chiropractic adjustment techniques may involve a “cracking” noise which is the release of gases that have built up around the joint. Spinal adjustments are not painful.

Our chiropractor will use a range of techniques to reduce muscle spasm around the area of concern. If significant muscular abnormalities are noted your chiropractor may refer you to our in-house Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist or Physiotherapist for further assessment and treatment. 

Chiropractic Treatment Reviews:

Regular re-examinations will be conducted to review you progress. Please feel free to ask your chiropractor any questions you have about your diagnosis, prognosis , progress and rehabilitation program. 


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