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Bodysmart Physiotherapy is located in Perth City

Bodysmart Physiotherapy has multi-skilled therapists who provide treatment within Perth CBD. Our physiotherapists that are highly trained in the assessment, diagnosis and management of conditions that affect the joints, muscles and skeletal system.

Bodysmart has a range of experienced Physiotherapists at our St Georges Terrace practice, located at the west end of St Georges Terrace in Perth City.  Book a Physiotherapy appointment online now 

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy aims to maintain and restore human function after disease or injury, to help people achieve quality of life through physical movement. Our Physiotherapist's use a combination of manual treatment techniques, soft tissue therapy, electro-physical modalities, therapeutic exercise, education and lifestyle advice to enhance your health and maximise potential.

What sort of injuries does a Physiotherapist Treat? 

A Bodysmart Physiotherapist is experienced in the assessment and management of conditions that affect the muscles, joints and ligaments . Our physio's treat a range of injuries including: 

  • Back and Neck Pain 
  • Shoulder, Mid back and Upper Back Pain 
  • Postural Disorders 
  • Pregnancy related pain
  • Lower back pain and pathology such as disc protrusions 
  • Sporting injuries such as ankle sprains, knee pain and hamstring tears
  • Generalised muscle and joint pain 
  • Rehabilitation after surgery    etc.. 

What to expect from your first Physiotherapy consultation

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1. On your first Physiotherapy consultation, your Physio will perform a detailed assessment to identify the primary and any secondary causes of your symptoms

2. Your Physiotherapist will explain their findings to you in easy to understand language using reference materials (such charts and models), whilst providing you the opportunity to ask questions

3. Bodysmart therapists will work with you to establish treatment goals

4. Your Physiotherapist will then devise a specific plan of action to achieve these goals

5. Your physiotherapy treatment program will commence on the first session


Our unique Physio treatment approach

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    Bodysmart's experienced Physiotherapists use 1:1 "hands on" treatment techniques such as deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations, facilitated stretches and dry needling to achieve your desired goal faster


  • Physiotherapy treatment will occur in private consultation rooms
  • Our Physiotherapists will tailor a unique, goal directed treatment plan for you
  • Physiotherapy sessions will not only aim at treating the injury but will alos cover strategies for work, home and play to assist recovery and prevent re-injury


Bodysmart physiotherapist often work in partnership with Doctors and other health professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care. We have a special interest in the treatment of work related disorders such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and headaches. You do not require a doctor referral to attend Bodysmart Physiotherapy Consultations, unless you are claiming through a workers compensation or motor vehicle accident or DVA . 

To book an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists at our Perth city clinic contact Bodysmart on 9481 8708! Alternately book online today

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