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Mat Exercise Mat Pilates Perth CBD

Bodysmart Mat exercise integrates resistance bands, weights, foam rollers, balls and the magic circle to improve core strength, flexibility and movement control. We offer “General” and “Advanced” level Mat exercise sessions. “General” sessions are best suited to those new to mat exercise or are recovering from an injury.  “Advanced” sessions are best suited for experienced mat work clients at the advanced stage of injury recovery, or are symptom free. Ma


Functional Training (Group) Perth CBD

Our highly popular Functional Training (Group) classes are a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) combining cardio and strength training principles. These circuit style classes are all designed by Physiotherapists to challenge and improve your core stability, mobility, agility, fitness, endurance and strength. In these classes, you’ll be using premium cable machines, TRX,  dumbbells, barbells, plyometrics, rower, kettle bells, power bands and other gym equipment to condition your entire body.

As you navigate through challenging exercise stations you can expect an elevated heart rate and to sweat! Small group size and skilled Physio instructor means sessions are suitable for all levels. 


New to Bodysmart? New client pathway

Attend a 30 min one-to-one Physio Exercise Appraisal with a highly trained Exercise Physio then try our group exercise sessions for FREE!

One of our Physiotherapists will run through a specialised body appraisal to ensure Group Exercise is right for you.s

 When you attend your physio appraisal we will set you up with a complimentary 2 session pass to try our Group exercise sessions (Group Reformer, Mat exercise and Functional Training) FOR FREE!

Click here to book your Physio Exercise Appraisal! 

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